Why Almost Everything You Hear About Getting Sponsored..is Dead Wrong... 

Revealed:  Why Keeping it Super Simple is the most effective way to do get sponsored!

Watch the full replay video above to see exactly how we've turned the typical sponsorship process on its head... and more than tripled our sponsorship opportunities as a result! Please note this replay will only be available for a limited time, so make sure to watch it today, before you miss out.

John Abrams

My interview with Claude Haggerty is now available.

This interview blew my mind! Claude tells a couple a great stories. But then, he reveals the secrets of creating sponsorships where everybody wins.

It’s a very different way of thinking about marketing. If you’re contacted or are approaching a potential customer, do ya think you’d get a better response if they had to pay you for performing… or if you paid them.

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And BTW - All your questions will be answered.

We love helping our friends  do more of what they love thanks to Sponsors

I became a sponsorship coach so that I could help my entertainer friends go out and do what they do best. Make a real difference.

Just wanted to publicly congratulate Canadian Master Illusionist Brian Glow on the amazing work he is doing up in the Arctic entertaining the folks there and inspiring entire communities. The sacrifices Brian makes to inspire these very very remote communities is unbelievable.

This area has 11x the National Average for suicides and Brian has gone there to make a difference and making a difference he is.

Brian has great sponsors on his side allowing Brian to do what he was born to do. Make a difference. Special thanks to
Influencers Motivating Influencers Kativik Regional Government Air Inuit First Air, FCNQ - Fédération des Coopératives du Nouveau-Québec for sponsoring this tour.

Proud to support Brian and his endeavors by assisting with sponsorship where ever I possibly can.

Keep up the amazing work Brian. I am proud to call you my friend and what a great ambassador you are for Canada and for the magic community. Brian Glow Rocks.

I think the Canadian Government should honor you in some way for what you are doing to help these folks. Rock on man.

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