Payment Options

Access to all training, tools upfront to help you generate

 the most sponsorship money possible in the shortest amount of time. See special bonuses below.

2 Payment Option ( 2 payment of $497)

You'll be invited to join our Private Closed Door Facebook Group right away where we encourage you to post your home work assignments for Feedback from Claude Haggerty and other teams that are currently going through this process at the same time or has already gratuated from this program and is also here to help other teams. Ask any question you want in this group. Members of this group will be invited to live Q & A Sessions to make sure all your questions are answered. We are here to help and encourage you every step of the way.

Another Bonus that's worth it's weight in gold. At the bottom of each video there is a button you can click to ask any question regarding the training you just watched. The cool thing is you can ask the questions via video or chat at YOUR Convenience 24/7 so even at 4 am you can ask a question anytime. I'll do my best to respond within 24 hours at my convenience. Thanks to modern technology you are only 1 click away from having any question answered. Claude has 40 years of experience in landing sponsorship and you have direct access. Invaluable.

As a Platinum Member you'll be given a special link to schedue 1 to 1 time with Claude himself.  These sessions are 15 minutes in length and are super focused. Here's how it works. Request your time slot and submit your question in advance so that we can make sure that Claude has what he needs to help you move forward. Conditions apply. Ask any team that has worked with Claude and they will tell you that this little bonus has been totally life changing. Priceless.

Once your tution is paid in full we'll grant you access to this very special strategy on how we generated serious sponsorhip income working with more than a 1000 Realtors. This bonus is worth 5x what you paid to be here. Imagine being able to pick up $2500-$5000 from a Realtor in Every city you want to race. And guess what. They dont even care about having their logo on your car.No kidding.

Super short training but super powerful.