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Opportunity is Everywhere if you are an Entertainer

Entertainer Survivor Mindset Number 1:  Opportunity is Everywhere

Many entertainers are struggling in today's economy to find good paying gigs. It seems as if no one has any money to hire entertainers and those who do have work for entertainers do not want to pay that much. The truth of the matter is that the tough times also creates opportunity if you know where to look. Opportunity is everywhere.

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Video 5: BONUS VIDEO How Much do you Charge?

Bonus Video:  How much do you charge?

Here is a quick bonus video that will help you to ask for more money the next time some one calls you to do a gig. This one little strategy will help you the Entertainer to easily ask for more money for your Entertainer Services. 

Video 4: What is holding you back

What is holding you back?

In the past couple videos we looked at where you are now and where do you wanna go. It is so important that you spend some time on this. It will become your road map and will help you to stay focused on your goals. Today we look at Whats holding you back. 

Why do you want this so bad. Your answer may determine  your success.

It takes hard work and dedication to make it as a success as an Entertainer and for most things worth having. We all have struggles and challenges. Even though those challenges may vary from one person to the next, we all have challenges we need to overcome. When your WHY is big enough you will face your fears one by one and your odds of success will increase dramatically.

Take a look at the videos below.  We all have our challenges. It's what you do about it that counts.

Be sure to look for my next video. I am going to show you how to get more money the next time someone calls you with a gig offer. This next video could help  you to pay for this entire course in one phone call.

Video 3: Where you wanna go?

Where are you heading?

In order to get the most of out of life and your career as an entertainer it is important  you figure out where do you want to end up. Start with the end in mind.

Your reason WHY will help you to overcome the challenges. In this video below young Justin Rhodes simply wanted to make his father proud. I think that is a goal many of us share. I hope you find a little inspiration in Justin's audition on America's Got Talent

Any one care to share where you heading? Would love to hear what you have planned for your life's adventure. Please leave comments below.

Video 2: Entertainer vs. Entrepreneur

Entertainer vs Entrepreneur

One of the reasons why Entertainers struggle to find good gigs on a regular basis is because they do not think like Entrepreneur. This one little change in the way you think could lead to hundreds of good gigs.

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