I am here to help any team looking to take their sponsorship process to the next level. I look forward to brain storming with you to see what you WANT and what you NEED to do to make it happen. One conversation can change everything.
Reserve your time to chat below the video.
Thank you to all the teams that took the time to post their success after working with me. Greatly appreciated. My biggest goal is to add you to the list of teams that are now able to race for free.

I've helped over a hundred Race Teams, several Pulling Teams and many Entertainers and Experts set up a super simple 5 step process that has generated them thousands of dollars in sponsorships. Lets chat to see what it's going to take to get you sponsored.
I am here to help you but you have to take the first step.
Book a time to chat with me. The sooner we chat, the sooner we get the sponsor money coming in. Simple as that.
Simply click on the button below or Go to ChatWithClaude.com & schedule the time that works best for you.  Perhaps we can help each other.

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