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 Sponsored Now with No Stress

Watch the seminar below to see how you can dramatically change the way you approach sponsorships to easily get predictable results ( no more paying to race for you)

When I do the live workshops I always make time to answer any questions on the call. Since this training was pre recorded I would like to offer you a 15 to 30 minute free sponsorship consultation. During our conversation I'll answer any questions you might have and I'll try to give you some more tips you can use right away. 
All you have to do to book  your time slot is go to ChatWithClaude.com
Simply select the best date and time from the options. You'll get a Zoom link sent to you automatically. A few minutes before our session you simply click on the Zoom link sent to you to connect. All I ask is if  you book a $100 coaching call for free please either show up or cancel with a little notice.