Fast Track Sponsorship Stategies

 For Race Teams

Quick and Easy Sponsorship Strategies to get Race Teams on the Fast Track to Sponsorships

Super Sponsor Man Claude Haggerty has done more sponsor presentations than probably anyone you'll meet on Planet Earth.
Claude works with race teams all over the World to help race teams simplify their sponsorship process and maximize their results.

  • Most sponsorship proposals suck and produce slim results. Fix yours in minutes once you know why yours probably sucks too.
  • Traditional Sponsorship VS Micro Sponsorships. More importantly how can can  these 2 different approached be combined to create even bigger results
  • If you're to busy to seek out sponsorships I'll show you 3 things you need to leveage to get results.
  • Who should I Approach to get sponsored right away?
  • The Number 1 way to Attract Sponsors and why you need to start this today.
  • What I learned about Sponsorship at the Blackjack Table. This lesson I learned will save you from losing a ton of sponsor deals like I did. This one lesson is worth thousands of dollars in your pocket.
  • The number 1 thing you must do during every Sponsor Presentation or you wont have a chance getting the check. Trust me on this one.