Secondary Schools

Secondary School Fundraising

Claude Haggerty has partnered with more than 1800 high schools to raise funds for their school. Claude and his team work with the student council from start to finish to ensure the success of these events. Many schools have written to Claude Haggerty mentioning this was one of the best assemblies at their school ever. Your student council is guaranteed to make a profit without any financial risk. Most schools net about $1000 profit. Besides entertaining his audience, Claude weaves an inspirational and motivational message into his performances. By calling on his own life experiences, he stresses the importance of goal setting and believing in yourself. Staff and students will be touched by his message. The best way to begin is to have Claude Haggerty or a member of his team visit with your student council as a guest speaker. During the initial meeting Claude and his team will explain about the show, how Claude and his team will help you promote this event and how this event will also benefit your feeder schools and local charity. Review: Millwood Highschool Review: Sutton District Highschool To contact Claude Haggerty and his team please email us at