Why Should you Attend this Live Seminar on Zoom?

Claude Haggerty has worked with Entertainers, Speakers, Experts, Authors, Non Profit Groups and hundreds of Race Teams helping them to land sponsorships with confidence. In about 90 minutes time you'll know everything you need to know to land sponsorships.

One big challenge is trying to figure out WHO to approach for sponsorships. We got you covered on that.

 HOW to Initiate the Conversation is something many fear.
 We'll teach you a super simple approach that works.

What do we offer them in return?We'll discuss how to create your Irresistible Offer.

How do we ask for the check? This is Claude's  favorite part of the seminar. You're going to love this approach.

It can be a little intimidating approaching your first few sponsors. Not anymore. Let Claude show you how to get started with no fear.

All questions will be answered on the call. Get access to 40 years of experience right on the call.

Your Seminar Host:

Claude Haggerty

Claude Haggerty has done more sponsorship presentations that probably anyone you'll meet on this planet. 
Claude loves sharing his 40+ years of experience in sponsorships to help others do what they love.
Entertainers, Experts and other presenters now get paid twice for each gig allowing them to have a bigger impact.
Race teams and sports teams can now compete at a higher level without the financial stress.