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Everything you need to KNOW to land sponsorships for your Race Team. Proven System

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Pit Stop to Sponsorships

This book takes about 20-30 minutes to read and covers everything you need to know to land sponsors in these tough times. Amazon will ship a copy right to your door.

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90 Minute Sponsor Seminar Replay

This video is all about learning the 5 Steps to landing Sponsorships and why each step is super important..
Discover the best approach (the exact process we use ourselves). 
The majority of sponsorship proposals suck. In this seminar I'll share why they suck and what changes to make to give you a huge advantage.

Many teams have landed Sponsors within 72 hours of watching this seminar.

$47-$99 Value

Live Chat with Super Sponsor Man

After reading the book and watching the seminar we'll set you up with a free 20-30 minute sponsor consultation free of charge to have all your questions answered.


Combination Special Offer