Getting paid from sponsors means you get to do what you love without all the expense

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I love meeting people and hearing about their passion to do what they love. If sponsorship is important to you I'd like to chat about your sponsorship needs to see if I can give you some tips you can implement right away.

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Write out any questions you have about sponsorship and we'll make sure all of your questions are answered during our chat

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I'll get a chance to see where you're at and give you some tips you can use right away. All of your questions will be answered on the call

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You'll look at sponsorships a little differently after our conversation.

About Claude Haggerty

Toured 36 years a grand scale illusionist and mastered the art of sponsorship to offset the huge cost to do what he loved.
Now works with entertainers, presenters & race teams all over the world to get them sponsored.

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