Take 3 Seconds of your Time to Implement this Super Simple Marketing Tip into your Pizza or Sub Shop Business.                              You can thank me later. ( I like steak)

The reason I decided to make this tip number 1 is because this was the first thing I promoted when I opened my little mom and pop sub shop. I had no idea it would have THIS MUCH  IMPACT.  If you find that hard to believe watch my short video clip below.
No worries, this will cost only a few pennies ( like everything I use and promote) BUT... it will have a HUGE impact on your business.  It only takes 3 seconds to start using this proven strategy ( don't waste a second). Just KISS folks.

Hey friends, I'm looking forward to discussing this topic in our Closed Door Facebook Group for Independent Pizza & Sub Shop Owners. Come and join us if you care to.  

Here is the link to save you time. Just click here to go to our KISS MARKETING FOR PIZZA & SUB SHOP OWNERS FACEBOOK PAGE.

Keeping it Super Simple