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Would any of this information help you to get more school gigs?

  • What is the one piece of equipment the pros always bring with them to school gigs and why this is important?
  • How to dramatically increase your odds of getting to perform in schools
  • What is the going fee for a school performer?
  • How to get sponsors to pay your expenses.  THIS ALONE is worth the price of this whole package.
  • In at least 2 of the interviews the pros discuss how they are able to book dozens of school gigs at one time. This alone can double your income as a school performer. Learn from the entertainers already booked solid in schools.
  • Should you or should you not include an educational component to your school show. Get this right and you will get way more gigs in schools.

 TOP SCHOOL PERFORMER PROS share what is working for them now.  

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  • Just ONE school gig will help you to recoup your entire investment.  Complete access to all the interviews with one small investment.

Featuring Chris Egelston, Steve Holt, Dan Kirk, Joseph Arthur Rudzinski, Kyle Peron, Pete Ellison,    Doug Scheer, Dean Hankey, Claude Haggerty and others.

These School Performer Pros perform in hundreds of schools each and  every year.  If you could use a few more school gigs each month  it only makes sense to learn from the School Performer Pros.

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I want you to be comfortable moving forward. If you can honestly say that within 30 days that this information is not worth what you have invested, I will personally refund your money. If you see no benefit you should not have to pay. Only makes sense right?

    Steve Holt                       Magician/Ventriloquist

Claude my friend I know you are a humble person but I gotta say you have produced one if not the best  solution "to the problem" product all School Performer Pros need. Their search for answers is over!

Steve Holt

I just wanted to contact you today and tell you THANK YOU!  Your school performing knowledge and ideas are most valuable. I really appreciate you taking the time to put together the School Performer Pro website.

I've spent nearly ten times the amount you're asking on another "get more gigs" site. Although the other site had some great ideas and content, it didn't really pertain to me. It was a site on getting more corporate gigs. I'm a school performer and I don't need or want to be a nation wide corporate entertainer. I'm a School Performer Pro.

Your INEXPENSIVE School Performer Pro site has  just what every school performer needs: great ideas that can help anyone book more school shows. I've been performing full time for 22 years now and I still enjoy hearing how other pros are doing things. Just one idea can be a game changer. Thanks for that one idea!!!!

Thanks for putting me in the loop

Dan Kirk (The juggler with yellow shoes)

Dan Kirk