Service Clubs


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We are very proud of the partnerships we have created with various Kiwanis, Optimist, Rotary, Lions and Kinsmen Clubs throughout North America.

Should your Service Club be looking to raise more money, recruit new members or just better serve your community my team and I are here to help.

Our goal is to increase the awareness of your Club in your community, assist your Club to better serve local residents especially children and we will continue to search for ways to help Clubs recruit new members. Many Clubs are experiencing tough times in their efforts to build their Club.

I would like to thank the hundreds of Clubs from Canada and the USA who have invited me to their meetings. I have met some incredible people, created great friendships and it gave me such a great opportunity to learn about Community Service.

 Whether you are involved with Kiwanis, Kinsmen, Rotary, Optimist, Knights of Columbus,Lions or one of various other Clubs I have noticed that you all wear different shirts, sing different songs but every single one of you make a difference in your community and I applaud YOU for that. One person can make a huge difference in this world.

Together we are going to raise more money than ever before, inspire more children, feed more of our neighbors and continue to serve our communities.

Every single day I think about the thousands of children out there that share my story.  

Lets partner together to serve those that need a little magic and inspiration.