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Getting hundreds of gigs is simple

I will say it again, getting hundreds of gigs is simple. But its not easy. It takes knowledge, persistence and continuous effort.

It amazes me that a magician will spend $100’s of dollars on magic tricks and a guitar player has 4 very expensive guitars but neither one has invested even a $100 into a good looking business card. And I hope you noticed I said “INVESTED”  into business cards not SPENT on business cards.

I would also be willing to wager that the majority of entertainers spend 20 hours a week rehearsing either on their own or with their group but they won’t INVEST an hour a day on really going after the gigs. And I hope you noticed again that I said INVEST an hour a day not SPEND and hour a day on getting more gigs.

SPENDING time and money means your time and money is gone forever.  INVESTING time and money on promoting your talent could bring you results beyond your wildest dreams if you INVEST your time and money wisely.

Building a successful career as a professional entertainer is no different that building a house. It takes time, money and a GOOD PLAN.

Have you ever heard the famous phrase ” Build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door”?  Well its not true. You could be the best juggler or singer in the world but if you don’t learn how to market and promote your skills, you will get the same result as the guy with the better mouse trap that no one knows about.

INVESTING a little time and money into learning how to could very easily provide amazing returns on your investment.

Going after gigs without being prepared can only lead to more frustration.

The Entertainer Bootcamp will start you in the right direction with some free videos, helpful suggestions and proven techniques.

Claude Haggerty