Claude Haggerty Magic Workshop Common Q & A

Is 25 the maximum amount of students in the workshop and show?

We have found that 25 students in the show works well. If we had to squeeze an extra one or two in we could but 25 works great.

What do we have to do to prepare for your workshop?

If you have a stage please make sure it is cleared off as we will need as much room on the stage as possible. We bring our own sound, lighting and all equipment needed to conduct workshop and show

Do the 25 students miss the entire day of school to prepare for the workshop?

Not at all, each student will miss approx 1 hour of class time

What time do your arrive and what time do you leave the building on workshop / show day?

We normally arrive at the school around 9:30 am. We usually leave the school around 9:15 pm

Do the children have to pay to participate in the workshop?

At one time the children participating did have to pay. We now have sponsors throughout Ontario that helps us to keep these types of programs going so therefore we there will be no charge for the 25 students to participate in the workshop

How are the children selected?

Some schools select 25 children with each class have at least one student in the show. If we have a mix of 25 students from k - 8 I would suggest that the majority of students be in the older grades. We encourage staff to send us students who do not get a chance to shine normally. You will see a difference in these children in one day.

Many schools select 25 students from a grade 7 or 8 class that are raising money for their school trip or prom. This works extremely well.‚Äč

How do you help us to promote the event?

The Claude Haggerty Team will provide posters, tickets, templates for flyers, permission forms etc

We will also arrange a date 7-10 days prior to the event where I will visit your school to perform a free 30 minute show at no charge to inspire students and to promote the upcoming workshop. Many schools will introduce the 25 children who will be participating in the upcoming workshop. Makes for a fun assembly and really helps to kick off the upcoming workshop and show

Does it cost us anything to have you in to our school for this workshop?

We ask for a $300 deposit to confirm your date.  Our fee for the workshop is 75% of the ticket sales for the evening show. The deposit will be returned to the school on the date of workshop as part of the final settlement?

 Who do we make the deposit cheque out to? 

Claude Haggerty

How much are tickets for the evening show?

Normally $10 per adult and $5 per child

What is the % of ticket sales donated back to the school?

25% of ticket sales donated back to the school

Is there an intermission?

Normally we do take a brief intermission half way through to line up the 2nd half of the show

May the school sell bake goods, water, juice etc before the show and during the intermission?

Yes, I encourage you to. We normally get a good turnout for the evening show and many schools make several hundred dollars from their snack bar or bake sale before the show and during the intermission. You keep 100% of what ever you make on that.

How do we contact you for further questions or to confirm our workshop.?

Please contact me at with the subject line Workshop Opportunity.

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