Magic that matters

Welcome to Magic that matters.

My goal in starting this blog is to benefit as many people as I can.

After working as a full time entertainer for more than 30 years and having performed more than 11,000 shows I believe I have stories worth sharing.

I grew up in foster care, stuttered as a child and yet had big dreams of becoming an illusionist. With the support of my High School Principal, teachers and school     librarian I eventually found my way and created a full time career as a professional illusionist. My show has raised millions of dollars for charity and I would like to help other entertainers to do the same.

Recently, I put together the Entertainer Boot Camp to help other Entertainers to book more gigs and to encourage these other Entertainers to use their talents to not only make a decent living but to be able to support local charities in their areas.

I have made good decisions in my career and also decisions that have hurt me big time as well. In putting together the Entertainer Boot Camp Course, I decided to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

My story of growing up in foster care and over coming the stuttering will encourage children to believe in themselves. I especially hope to inspire children in foster care and those who may have various challenges.

We are putting together various projects to inspire these children to believe in themselves including learning magic tricks on line,  live magic workshops to give the children a chance to shine, speaking engagements and fundraising initiatives.

Charities and non-profit groups are finding challenges raising money in today’s economic climate. I hope to use my past experiences to help these charitable organizations to create events that will not only make money for their cause but to inspire their members as well.

If I could encourage just one entertainer to go out and make a difference, if one less child in this world goes to bed afraid or hungry then my efforts have been worthwhile.

And at the end of it all, may my children be proud.

Welcome to Magic that matters.

Claude Haggerty