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Magic Club Trick 10: Ernie

This card trick I perform in many of my shows to this day. Here is what happens. You ask someone to look at the deck of cards as you spread them out and ask the volunteer to remember of the cards in their mind.

You then tell them that you are going to say the name of the card out loud. They think that you are going to say the name of a card but to their surprise you say a persons name. They then tell you the card they were thinking of. When the turn the card over their is a  name on the back of the card and it is in fact the name that you predicted.

This is an awesome trick. Take some time and learn this one properly before showing others.


Magic Club Trick 9: Book Prediction

This is a very cool trick. You and the person you are performing for determines a random page in a book. The volunteer than turns to that page in the book and you will tell them the first word on that page.

This one will take a little practice but it is well worth it. And always remember to practice each trick until you are confident before showing others.

And please leave post any questions or comments you may have below the video. I will respond to each and every comment or post as soon as I can.

Have fun and enjoy.


Magic ClubTrick 8: ESP Prediction


In this video you will learn a really cool magic trick that will be sure to impress those you perform this on. You ask your volunteer a few questions about things that only the volunteer would know the answer to. Before you ask the questions you will write a prediction of the answers you will be given. You then ask the questions. And to their surprise you will have successfully predicted the answers before asking the questions. Very cool trick.



Magic Club Trick 6:Topsy Turvy


In most cases it is wise not to repeat a trick. Once you show a trick and they want to see it again you are usually better off to show
them a different trick then to repeat the trick you just performed.

Not in this case.

This trick is even more fun the 2nd or 3rd time your friend tries to do what you do.

I know you are going to have fun with this one.